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 Rules on Sprites

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PostSubject: Rules on Sprites   Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:18 am


1- Only post the sprites that you make yourself. Never post (unless you have permisison) sprites that other people have made.

2- Never take anything off anyone else's sprite unless you have permission

3- Always give proper credits. If you borrow someone colors and have permission, you have to give credit to that person. If you borrow a peice of some else's sprite and have permission, you have to give credit. If you edit of a sprite some has ripped, you have to give proper credit

4- Never rip from fan made games. (this include NDOE, NTSD, AVSK, NPOD and others) .

5- Do not show sprites of Everyone knows about it, we are not idiots. We do not need someone showing off something old, acting like they made a grand discovery

6- -Don't just rate sprites as "7/10 good" Give an opinion. This is counted as spam. Admins/mods can warn for this..

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Rules on Sprites
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