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 Sky Village Apply be the best fighters :D

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PostSubject: Sky Village Apply be the best fighters :D   Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:40 pm

Hidden sky village

Element:Wind Style


Sora (from the 2nd shippuden movie sora nins)

Flying machines and chakra (which enables flying...)

10 Post = Villager
20 Post = Academic
30 Post = Ninja in training50 Post = Genin
80 Post = Chunin
150 Post = Jonin
400 Post = Chakra Master
800 Post = Chief Ninja of the Sky Military
3000 Post = Trustworthy Ninja
20000 Post = Hero of the Village (Doubt will happen Very Happy)


Atleast on 2 times a week, must be active, good at playing, don't swear etc.

Why i want to be kage
Cause i am active on the forum and can help the forum too, we all should know me by now... so yea.

It all began with 5 ninjas…
Togami (Head Councilman of Earth Village): Well, it’s settled. The new country will be called the Sky Country.
Dagami (Head Councilman of Rain Village): That is wonderful! There hasn’t been a new country in 25 years!
Hegami (Head Councilwoman of Lightning Village): But first we need more than 42 people to inhabit this country.
Kugami (Head Councilwoman of the Grass Village): That is true. What should we do?
Sigami (Head Councilman of Mist Village): I know
what we should. We should go to the Fire and Wind Countries and find
followers. So what if the Daimyos and Kages don’t agree with this new
Hegami: That is a great idea!
Togami: You know what, that just might work. Just because the Daimyos and Kages don’t agree doesn’t mean that the people don’t agree.
Dagami: That’s true. But how can we pull it off?
Kugami: I don’t know yet. But give me a few days. OK?
All but Kugami: OK!
It has been 3 days since the meeting of the Council-Persons and they have gathered once again to discuss Kugami’s decision.
Sigami: Are you sure it will work?
Kugami: Why are you doubting me?
Hegami: I agree with Sigami, it’s just that this plan isn’t landlocked.
Kugami: That’s why they’ll never see it coming!
Dagami: I don’t know, but we’ll try it.
Kugami: Great, we’ll start tomorrow.
Togami: Fine.
The next day…
Huge crowds are gathered in both villages in the Fire and Wind
Countries. People are shoving each other to get to the front of the
crowds. (There are about 82 people in each crowd) In the middle of
both crowds a Council-Person stands talking about “THE NEW COUNTRY!!”
Togami, Dagami, and Hegami: Be hold!! The New Country!!
Kugami and Sigami: The Sky Country!!All the people including kages

Hidden Sky fought against Konoha in one of the Great Ninja Wars. Their forces were decimated. The village eventually rebuilt their power under the medical Shinnou
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Sky Village Apply be the best fighters :D
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